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Buc, Romania
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window, house, balcony, balcon, spain, barcelona, fereastra
Building, Construction, Built, Structure, town, center, square, city, varsovia, lit, light, red, orange, colorsfull, colors, pavement, street, people, many, walking, animated, afternoon, horse, carrriege, trasura, pull, relaxing,
tunnel, gate, door, medieval. old, open, tunel, poarta, usa, vechi, deschis, sepia
tibet, india, people, oamnei, poor, saraci, poverty, saracie, barbati, femei, copii, children, kids, woman, wemen, men, soldiers, soldati, gardiens, temple, templu, soldati
A night in Paris A night in Paris de Stefan Iarca
World cought through lenses is often presented in unbelievable ways, and next you will look at sents of Paris on a spring night[...]
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